Number of Zika cases in Mexico climbs to 252


Source: Xinhua   2016-04-26 10:44:57

MEXICO CITY, April 25 (Xinhua) — The number of confirmed Zika cases in Mexico climbed to 252 in the past week, including 69 pregnant women, the Ministry of Health said Monday.

The figure represents a 5.4-percent increase from 239 cases in the previous week, according to the ministry’s latest report.

Of the total 11 affected states, the southern state of Chiapas leads the list with 124 cases, including 46 pregnant women, while nearby Oaxaca has 97 cases, including 20 pregnant women.

The Zika virus causes no evident symptoms in most cases, with some patients suffering from fever and muscular pain. Pregnant women infected run the risk of giving birth to babies with malformations, including microcephaly.

Since Feb. 1, the WHO has maintained a global alert in countries at risk, urging them to curb the propagation of Aedes aegypti mosquitos and to prioritize care for pregnant women.

Mexico has not reported any cases of babies being born with microcephaly since that date. The Ministry of Health said it is still carefully monitoring all pregnant women infected.

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