Brussels Attack Was Allegedly Made by Means of Bacterial Weapons


09:58 08.04.2016

Brussels attack was allegedly waged by means of bacterial weapons by Algerian terrorist Abderrahmane Amerud.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — Suspected Algerian terrorist Abderrahmane Amerud was most likely preparing biological weapons for an attack in Brussels, Derniere Heure newspaper reported Friday.

“Investigators do not exclude the hypothetical theory that the terrorist experimented with a method that would allow him to receive bacillus, bacteria, or a virus that is a carrier of diseases such as botulism or listerias, or more precisely tetanus, typhoid fever, and cholera,” the newspaper reported.

According to the publication’s information, when Amerud was detained, his backpack was confiscated, in which a plastic bag was found filled with animal sperm dissolved in feces.

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